4 Reasons why People love to retweet Instead of like Twitter Posts

News 08:05 May 2017:

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If you are on twitter because you learn new things, get entertained or network with people,you might easily get convinced that the like and comment functions are just enough to communicate or appreciate one another. However, twitter has a couple of more functions which apparently some people are very crazy about; the retweet and favorite functions. But are they really important? Isn’t it just enough to like or directly appreciate someone’s tweet on the comment function?

Well, the automatic retweets function for instance has very crucial uses. When an emotionally intriguing tragedy happens, let’s say rape, sometimes you may not have the words to express your feeling. But then you find a tweet that clearly explains what you feel, and that’s how you can use the automatic retweets function. On the other hand, people retweet to share interesting things, to help others get an important message first, like the need to donate blood urgently. The retweet function therefore is also way of sharing someone else’s content without plagiarizing.