How to Thank People who regularly retweet your Posts

News 12:09 September 2017:

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When you really don’t get many automatic retweets on a daily basis, it is only natural to feel like you should thank the few people who like or retweet your posts. But then you may ask, is it really necessary? Well, the retweet function is there for people to share your content, and as such you really shouldn’t feel obligated to thank anyone who favorites or auto retweets your posts. However, staying engaged with your twitter followers is a great ways to learn fromeach other, and it is probably the main reason you should find a way of interacting with them. You don’t have to mention or thank the people who share or like your tweets, but you can show your appreciation by simply following back or giving a like to some of their tweets.

But what if a famous person retweeted your tweet and it helped you attract more followers, should you just ignore them? In this case, it is only right that you say a shout out or thank them personally.