The business of Automatic Retweet

News 03:10 October 2017:

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What exactly do we mean by retweeting? First and foremost retweeting is mainly done on Twitter. It is a situation where a person with a twitter account repeats another person’s tweet. In simple terms, it is quoting or copy pasting other people’s twitter messages and sharing it with your followers. On the other hand, if your followers retweet your tweets, they help you reach as many people as possible. For instance if at least 10 of your twitter followers retweet your message and probably each one of them has around 100 twitter followers, it means that your tweet will reach approximately 1000 people.

The fact that someone has to retweet your tweet, there’s also what is known as automatic retweet. This is a scenario where you don’t necessarily require the aid of a person on twitter to retweet your tweet. Instead there are tools or software that are normally used to do that job. All you need to do is either create or purchase that particular auto-retweet software to help you for that job. The good thing is that no one will recognize whether you are using a twitter bot or not.