4 Reasons why People love to retweet Instead of like Twitter Posts

News 11:04 April 2024:

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If you are on twitter because you learn new things, get entertained or network with people,you might easily get convinced that the like and comment functions are just enough to communicate or appreciate one another. However, twitter has a couple of more functions which apparently some people are very crazy about; the retweet and favorite functions. But are they really important? Isn’t it just enough to like or directly appreciate someone’s tweet on the comment function?

Well, the automatic retweets function for instance has very crucial uses. When an emotionally intriguing tragedy happens, let’s say rape, sometimes you may not have the words to express your feeling. But then you find a tweet that clearly explains what you feel, and that’s how you can use the automatic retweets function. On the other hand, people retweet to share interesting things, to help others get an important message first, like the need to donate blood urgently. The retweet function therefore is also way of sharing someone else’s content without plagiarizing.

Negative effects of automatic retweets services

Automatic retweets refer to as to a service that is provided to a Twitter user where whatever the post, be it a picture, content, link or tweet will be automatically retweeted to the platform making it stand out and be noticed by other users. Many account holders are resorting to this type of services so that they get their account out there in the digital market especially if it’s a company account. There are many positive impacts, which have been associated with this kind of service but we can not rule out its negative side of effects. We will discuss four of them briefly below.

  1. Social media effects are difficult to measure in regards to your business, having engaged these service, the many retweets will receive positive feedback, your continent will be retweeted by other users and followers making it all famous and popular. The problem however not all the likes and retweets will be converted to sales and orders. It’s hard to measure the strength of your business based on the social media presence because unfortunately, it can mostly be positive visual feedback.
  2. Just like any other company, there are employees, who have their personal lives. When say for example an employee who keeps retweeting your shared content gets involved in a scandal, the possibility of tracing their roots and other lives might lead to your company. This will impact your company reputation negatively damaging its client base because of the negative impression created.
  3. Limited information shared online. With the fact that the service only retweets what you have shared, there is little or rather limited number of information shared to the social market. Not all users that will come in contact with your post or tweet have time to go digging for more details about your products on your website or page. So this might lead to losing some customers who have time constraints or are not willing to take their time to gather more information about your company.
  4. As the famous saying goes, “man is to error,” once a mistake has been made in your tweet or content rectifying it will be a problem. It’s funny how a wrong posted tweet will go viral and damage your reputation and that of your company. With the employment of such a company, it retweets what you have posted so you can imagine the kind of damage that will be made with the numerous retweets. One has to be very careful when posting anything on the social media
  5. Social media sounds easy when spoken about. But when it’s being engaged for business purposes, one has to be careful in selecting what is to be tweeted. They have to understand how these tools are used. This is crucial considering its an investment you are doing for your business, and no one wants to purchase something that they have no clue about. This will take a lot of your time to understand the usage and impact of these services. Time needs to be used wisely.


All the above having been said one has to be careful when engaging the automatic retweet service to boost their Twitter account in the digital marketing platform for the adverse side effects will ruin your brand.