Safety When Engaging Your Kiwi Followers;

News 07:05 May 2024:

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With the hunger involved when looking for Kiwi followers, a little concern is given to who you are adding at that moment. Most people are interested in the total numbers but not necessarily concerned with what those numbers mean or translate to. With no such mechanism in place to verify those following you, you may have just created an avenue for bullies and abusers to come your way. Online bullying and harassment are real, and it is in such scenarios that they breed well and torment their victims. It gets worse to newbies who have little or no knowledge at all about this behavior.

What should I do then to avoid all this? That is why it is important to teach and educate our young ones on dangers of communicating with strangers online while divulging much of your personal information. Despite the quest to get many Kiwi followers, your safety while logged in should come first at all times. Educate the young ones on effects revolving around the internet and social media platforms. There is no way to get rid of them on the internet. Channel all the efforts to remain safe rather than fighting them.